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How to face an international trade show?

Numerous have been the incoveniences and obstacles towards exportation in the last 3 years. Without a doubt, a sanitary, economical and logistic crisis can not leave international sales without undamaged. Despite this, 2023 comes full of challenges, novelties, opportunities and markest where to expand to.

International fairs are one of the most optimal to consolidate relations with clients, stablich new contracts, doing tests and demostrations of our product, learn about innovation in our sector and generate synergies with other actors within the international business world: suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, buyers, competitors, etc.

In consequence, we bring you a list with the 50 most important trade shows in this 2023. You will find the date of each of them, celebration place and sector where they belong to as well.

In this article we intend, besides, to provide you with some of the best strategies and recommendations to consider when we are assisting a international trade fair:

1. Analyse our target and competitors: understand your potential clients and their needs is key when elaborating a promotion strategy. Thus, we will know how to send our message in a more precise way. The presentation of our product must be differentiating, highlighting the innovatie features but, above all, giving a solution to the problem of our potential customer (trying it to be personalised). On the other hand, save time to observe other competitors during the trade show can be appropiate, like for example, their stand image.

2. How do I make my product public: sample, tasting or demonstration: the most advisable is using a direct and simple language in order to introduce our product and, when presenting it, performing a demonstration in the most practical, visual and interactive way possible. The passage of our potential client by our stand must be a experiencie y our presentation should leave a mark. As examples, in an international ceramic fair, the lighting , hygiene and touch of the tiles are aspect to boost and, in the case of a food show, a ham company might expose the art of cutting ham along with some samples of different tastes and scents.

3. Stablish a previous commercial agenda: it is necessary to do the best in order to organize meetings with assisting potential clients in advance, using the fair list as a reference. Taking into account the schedule and time of conferences and activities celebrated there can be vastly useful and work as a advantage when approaching our target.

4. Occupy a strategical place in the trade fair: to the extent possible, stablishing our stand in a distinguished spot can be fundamental for our target to see us. A centrical place or placed near the exit and entry doors are usually the most circulated spots, so the chances to claim our target's attention are higher.

5. Corporative image: visual elements as the design of a stant, the slogan of our brand and the clothing that we use not only must be attractive, but also project the identity, characteristics and advantages of our product. Besides, it is not trivial to remind that ourselves are part of the image of the our company's brand, and that is the reason why our attitude, rhetoric and initiative must be in line with this appearance.

6. Follow-up and actions after the fair: sales processes do not finish one the trade show is wrapped up, but it is necessary to carry out a follow-up activity to contacts stablished during the fair. Some examples of good practices about this are thanks gratitude emails to those clients who leave their cards or even present them little gifts or details that work as remainders. Publishing posts in soial media and our web page regardind our experiencie in the event can also be interesting promotional and brand strategies.

Written by Manuel Alcocer Álvarez


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