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Why we created xNova International?

The majority of SMEs fail to consolidate their exports, that’s why we created xNova International - Amado Villar, CEO and co-founder of xNova International

Our headquarters at Lanzadera, Valencia, Spain

"Working at the Spain-U.S. Chamber of Commerce, I realized that all SMEs encounter the same problem when expanding to international markets – the difficulty of finding importers. I saw that large multinationals had access to datasets where they could extract importers for each target country. Nonetheless, accessing and interpreting such complex data was unfeasible for most small and medium businesses.

The only way to create a solution for such a big problem was through a Saas (software as a service) - a tool that processed and analyzed international transactions, delivering information about potential importers, yet easy to use and affordable. To accomplish such a challenge, I needed a genius who could turn the idea into reality. Luckily, I already knew him. Miguel, our CTO and co-founder, has been and still is the mastermind behind the technical development of the platform.

Together, we have materialized the ultimate tool to empower local businesses into global markets. Since then, we have numerous users who rely on the platform on a daily basis, improving the competitiveness of SMEs in the international arena."

Amado Villar, CEO and co-founder of xNova International


Are you interested in finding new importers? Let us show you how xNova can help you. Learn more

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